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Wahiawa Shopping Center

& Wahiawa Town Centers

* We take every precaution to ensure our food is fresh and safe for your family. Please note that consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk for foodborne illness. 

Nigiri items guaranteed to stay fresh (2 hours only). Depending on temperature. 

Party Platters

Maki  Guaranteed to stay fresh up to 3-4 hours. (Depending on TEMPERATURE).


Tuna•Ebiko•Phoenix•Futo•Rainbow•Hawaiian•Sake •Poke•Mushroom•Fish •Smoked Salmon

Hoso Maki - 6 pcs


•Ume•Tekka•Avocado •Cucumber-Ume

Temaki Rolls

Crab Salad •Tuna•Spam•Egg •Cucumber•Shinko•Avocado•Crab•Ume•Unagi•California•Natto•Spam-Ume •Ebi •Salmon•Ebiko•Ika•Tekka •Spicy Tuna•Vegetable•Kalua Pig•Shrimp Tempura​ 


Ikura • Spam w/Egg, • Spam-Cucumber • Salmon •Tekka•Alaskan

The following items have the choice of   ​Regular, Mild or Spicy:  Bacon, Smoked Salmon Fish, Ona, Poke​

Also Available (no photos)  
Spam/Crab/Tuna Roll 
Futo-Inair Party Plate
823 California , Wahiawa
Wahiawa Shopping Center

(near Foodland)

621-8811 Phone Orders 

Temporary Hours-
Mon. - Saturday 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday 10:30am - 4:30pm 

New Years Eve and Christmas Eve-regular hours

* Handmade sushi to order ​​

Regular - Mild - Medium - Spicy

Handmade to order Sushi