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Best Mexican Restaurant in


Taqueria El Ranchero - The Mexican We Waited For    

StarAdvertiser:  The Weekly Eater by Nadine Kam

"...Whether topping a plate or a taco, I loved the thin slices of carne asada, with crispy charred bits from sitting on the grill, and the carnitas is a perfect match for both tacos and nachos. Nachos come with a choice of meat, black or refried beans, plus jalapeno, avocado and pico de gallo. For a little more, a grande version adds sour cream.

I also enjoyed the seafood tacos of grilled tilapia. If tilapia is not your thing, you can opt for shrimp. Another way to enjoy fish is with an order of ceviche, served tostada style, striding a double layer of soft and crisped tortillas to hold up to the moisture of the lime-marinated fish. Adding to the fresh flavors, the tostada was layered with three thick slices of avocado, a wonderful bonus. I rarely see this much fresh avocado in local Mexican restaurants, where guacamole tends to be hapa-mole, half mayonnaise.

Chicken and pork tamales are on the menu, but alas, they were sold out by dinner time. The runner-up choice was a quesadilla filled with ground chorizo, the mild housemade sausage accented with cinnamon...The next time I return it would probably be to check out a Saturday or Sunday breakfast of pozole, pork rinds in salsa, or huevos con chorizo, but mostly the champurrado, a thick, spiced hot chocolate drink that has survived since the Aztec empire..."


Made Fresh!  Authentic Mexican Tacos and Flavors!


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​Taqueria El Ranchero is Hawaii’s first authentic Mexican taqueria style restaurant. Visit us soon to enjoy the exciting flavors of Mexico. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos are already among the mouth-watering menu favorites. All of our offerings are fresh, preservative free, affordable and most of all delicioso!